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There are different opinions about network marketing.

Most being negative because it is easy to become negative in this tough negative enviroment we live in  – and with the use of the Internet these negative people get a voice. And unfortunately, negative comments do get a lot of attention just because we are geared towards paying attention to sensationalistic-scary-warning-type communication. Therefore, dissing network marketing online is an easy way for attentionseekers to rally support around a “cause”.

This negative trashtalking even happens between individuals working within network marketing, where they speak negatively about a competing company, brand or product.

Because network marketing is mostoften being driven in real life, from person to person, there are rarely anyone online to defend, and present facts about the industry on Youtube and facebook. This is the reason the negative comments get an overwhelming exposure – however, they are just opinions most often posted by individuals with an agenda. Just keep that in mind.

Here are the typical negative opinions about network marketing or so called myths.

“It’s a scam?”
It sure looks like a Ponzi schemes if you don’t get your facts straight. Check out the FAQ page for an explanation regarding the difference.

“It’s a pyramid?”

(editors note: This one is funny to me because they say it like it’s the most negative thing they ever heard of, however they have no idea what they mean by pyramid or how one works.)

Yes. Mostoften it looks like a pyramid. Just like the organisational chart at most companies, the military, the UN, or any other institution. It’s draws like a pyramid, so it becomes clear that there is a network of people helping the people in the “pyramid” to succeed. It’s a pyramid because pyramids work and they are fair. They guarantee that the people who create the most results get the biggest checks.

By the way, the distribution system could also be described as a line, or ripples in a circle, or any other disorganised way. Most companies explain “how it works” by showing a pyramid structure, is because people can easily understand it.

“You don’t make any money with network marketing?”
True, you don’t make money in network marketing if you don’t get the results that qualify you for compensation.

In network marketing you don’t get paid for effort, just results – which mostoften is based on sales volume.  No sales, no money. Network marketing is not a job where you get paid for showing up.

“Only people at the top make money?”
In a good payment structure you get paid on the sales volume created. Any person can join at any time and create a larger sales volume than the person above. It works because it’s a pyramid and you get compensated when there is a balance in the networks. This makes it fair for everyone. No one can mooch their way to success. Sorry.

“You need to be the first one in to make money! The market is saturated.”
Not true. The first ones in are almost always the people who have to work the hardest to get the idea and network to expand. The resistance is always greatest in the beginning. And in my humble opinion, those who grind it out from the start and don’t quit, are well deserved of that huge check because it is ultimately their work that give the laggards an easier opportunity to work with.

The market is far from saturated in any opportunity. Mostoften you have to be 18 years of age to start your own business. How many 17 year olds are there in world? My guess is circa 1% of the worlds population. Probably even higher. So you do the math.

Whatever the number you get – you expand your market by that number every year. Don’t forget to add to the fact that not everyone joins the first time you ask.. Ask everyone again. Also, if your company lauches a new product, that is another reason to ask everyone again. The market cannot ever, ever, be saturated.

“Two who become 4, who becomes 8 doesn’t work! With exponentional growth everyone in the world would be in it in just x levels.”

Well, it’s true! If 2 got 4 and they got 8. But as a matter of a fact, most people in network marketing don’t get 2 who get 4. There are some who get 0, who get 1 or 2. Then there are some who get 25, 50 or even a 100 new partners into the business. Not everyone do the work. The ones who do the work get paid. Those who don’t, won’t.

Network marketing companies are just like any other. They start, the successful ones have  a rapid growth, and then when there’s enough of a market penetration in all of the markets the growth in the amount of new customers stabilizes. BUT, this doesn’t have to mean that the turnover can’t expand through new product series.

So far, in the history of network marketing or business in general, not any one company has ever saturated a market by laying claim on the population. Not Coca-cola, not Microsoft, not Apple. Not yet.

“It’s illegal!”
No. That’s just ridiculous. Check your facts.

Here are some positive opinions about network marketing