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The perfect business?

Network marketing has been described as the perfect business. Here’s why that just might be true.

Most people who want to supplement their income or maybe even create massive wealth can’t afford to start their own businesses. They certainly don’t have all the skills necessary. And they probably don’t have the time.

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Typically, starting your own business requires you to

  1. Make a large upfront cash investment
  2. Jump in with both feet, i.e. leave your current income
  3. Create your own business system – which might or might not work
  4. Do a lot of low-margin work like administration, bookkeeping
  5. Sales, sales, sales
  6. Deliver on your promise
  7. Deal with customer complaints and support

The only thing that puts money in a business owners pocket is sales, but the reality is that most of your activities is anything but sales. And if you do make money it usually is re-invested into the company, not paid out as salary to you.

Why bother with the risk and all the hassle, when everything is done for you.

14 great reasons why network marketing might be the perfect business

1. Low start-up cost
The cost of getting started and having your business up and running is typically around 10-15% of your monthly income. That is when your are just starting up, and not making any commissions.

2. Leverage
You don’t earn a 100% of your own efforts, you earn a percentage of you entire networks efforts. This means that you are not restricted by your personal time, instead you can get paid for hundreds of hours of resultoriented work every day. This cannot ever be done with a regular job.

3. You have the time
The typical workweek consist of 7-10 hours a week for part-timers. This means that you can keep your day job. Just turn off your TV and you’ll find the time.

4. Paid support and training
Since people ONLY get paid when you succeed, other people have a genuine interest to help you get better. Your sponsors will make it their business to help you in any way that they can. Absolutely free of charge!

When you invite people to meetings, your sponsor is doing all of the talking, while you listen. This means typically that you get paid while you learn.

5. Proven business system
Network marketing is paying out commissions to millions around the world. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Your company has already done all of the heavy lifting and delivers the product right to your doorstep, all you have to do is distribute it by either sales or recommendations.

6. Zero low-margin activities
You will never ever have to deal with unnecessary paperwork, regulation, contracts, negotiations or any of that stuff. It’s the companys job to develop, manufacture and deliver the product to you and the customers that you acquire. All you do is what makes you money – market the products.

7. Personal development
In this industry your income will only grow as fast as you do. You will have an unlimited opportunity to grow and become a respected leader in your business and community.

8. It’s a people business
You will never be trapped behind a desk. Your job is to meet new people. And surprisingly enough you only do business with open-minded positive people with a great attitude.

9. Succeed with your friends
If you become successful in a regular business you would be sitting on a beach and sipping on a drink by yourself. Network marketing is an equal opportunity. This is the only industry where you can succeed together with your friends regardless of differences in background, profession or degrees.

10. Incredibile tax advantages
All of your business related expenses are tax deductible. This means that you get to (1) make money, (2) spend money and (3) pay taxes on what’s left. Not the other way around.

11. Working full-time is about 25 hours a week
That’s right. You can’t network all of the time because most of the people that you want to talk to is going to their regular job. So you have all day to do what you want. It’s called freedom.

12. Work almost anywhere in the world
You’re not tied up to your zipcode. Network marketing is a worldwide phenomenon and most reputable companies work in over 50 countries in the world.

13. Recognition
Every company and team in this industry makes it their business to recognize a job well done. You get real credit from people who matter to you. Both your upline and downline will congratulate you and thank you for what you’ve done and achieved.

14. Fun
Network marketing is all about having fun with new and old friends. We laugh. We party. This is what attracting new people is all about. They see us having fun and they want to join. That’s how simple that is.

This is just a few of the benefits of network marketing

Network marketing could just be the perfect business.